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At Tecnargilla 2014 Ancora Group is unveiling a wide range of new products in response to international market demand for greater efficiency and higher performance
Rimini, 25 September 2014 – As the market changes in response to new global scenarios, the development of new technologies is a vital goal that must be achieved through hard work and investments in research. With this in mind, Ancora Group – a company specialising in plant and machinery for the ceramic end-of-line stage – is unveiling several exciting new products at Tecnargilla 2014: the XXL MAGNUM ROUGHING machine, the new version of the VULCAN B5 burner and the HICOAT treatment specifically designed for polished and honed porcelain tile.
At the sector’s most important exhibition, held in Rimini from 22 to 26 September, Ancora S.p.A. is presenting its highly innovative new roughing machine, the XXL MAGNUM ROUGHING. Unlike conventional machines which use rollers and radial grinding wheels mounted on a mobile swinging beam, Ancora’s new roughing machine uses individually driven radial grinding wheels mounted on a large-size rotating carousel. The large diameter of the carousel means that it can process panels up to 2.2 metres in size with greater efficiency and to an extremely high standard of quality.
At the Rimini show Ancora is also presenting the latest version of its VULCAN B5 burner. Developed in cooperation with Nanoprom, a company specialising in advanced nanotechnology solutions for several Formula One motor racing teams, the innovation consists of a treatment to further improve efficiency and reduce consumptions of the ANCORA VULCAN B5 burner.
At Tecnargilla Ancora is also unveiling the latest HiCOAT innovation developed in cooperation with the German chemicals company N-Tec. The new treatment system protects both polished and honed porcelain from dirt and wear and attains an outstanding gloss level, thereby further enhancing the aesthetic qualities of the floor.

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