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The order received by Ancora Group to further expand the end-of-line department of Kiev-based CJSC Intertile group company Venissa Ceramica further strengthens the Italian group’s presence in Eastern Europe

A major new order in Ukraine confirms the relationship of trust between Ancora Group and CJSC Intertile of Kiev and strengthens the Sassuolo-based group’s presence in this region of Eastern Europe.

The Ukrainian ceramic company, whose facility is located close to the capital Kiev, has placed a further order with Ancora with a view to increasing production capacity by expanding and improving its existing polishing line.
The supply package consists of a 6-head roughing line (4 rollers and 2 radial heads) and two line loading and unloading machines.
The configuration of the Ancora Group roughing machines with patented radial heads guarantees an unrivalled finish subsequent to the roller heads, with a flatness precision of 0.1 mm on large sizes.
This investment by CJSC Intertile follows on from the group’s decision in 2010 to install an Ancora squaring machine in place of the previous one located on the polishing line.

 “This order gave us great pleasure because it marks the further growth of an already very successful partnership,” commented Ancora Group’s Vice Chairman Fabio Corradini. “It also demonstrates that our commercial and economic presence in this area is expanding.”

This new installation will enable the Kiev-based company to produce polished porcelain tile with greater reliability and a higher production capacity so as to meet the needs of an increasingly demanding and competitive market.
CJSC InterTile is now the largest and most modern porcelain tile factory in Ukraine. Venissa Ceramica is the only company in Eastern Europe that uses TwinPress (double pressing) technology to produce porcelain tile with the highest functional and aesthetic quality. All the Venissa tile series are available in sizes 30×60 cm, 60×60 cm and 120×60 cm and with different types of surfaces (natural, polished, semi-polished and textured) and are complemented by mosaics (5×5 cm and 2.5×2.5 cm) and decorative elements.

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