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At Tecnargilla 2012, Ancora Group focused on the theme of energy saving, displaying high-quality, eco-friendly solutions in the field of end-of-line technology for the ceramic industry
10 October 2012 – Energy saving is one of the most important aspects of production efficiency, a critical factor in the present climate when companies are required to reduce costs and lower their environmental impact. With this in mind, Ancora Group has focused on the development of plant and machinery that combine outstanding performance with low energy consumption. This has made it possible to respond effectively to the demands of a market that is increasingly sensitive to factors of cost and finished product quality.
At Tecnargilla 2012, the world’s pre-eminent exhibition of technological innovation and aesthetics for the ceramic and brick industries, the Sassuolo-based group focused on this theme by displaying its low-consumption dryer and the energy-saving Vulcan burner.
“Our positive turnover results have rewarded our continued efforts in the field of new product research and development,” commented Ancora Group’s chairman Mario Corradini. “Our ability to respond rapidly to companies’ needs for innovative high-performance technologies that reduce energy costs has likewise brought benefits.”
Ancora Group is continuing to invest in research and development, focusing in particular on tailored solutions that meet customers’ specific requirements. Thanks to its Italian and international patents, the high quality of its plants and an uncompromising commercial strategy, the group has installed more than 800 lines worldwide. Its most widely sold products include complete lines for polishing, lapping and squaring, special cutting lines, and eco-sustainable and energy-saving solutions for the ceramic industry.
The Sassuolo-based group has also recently restyled its website (, enhancing its contents while making it more functional, interactive and simple to navigate. The decision to host news and press releases on the homepage reflects the aim of providing constantly updated information.

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