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A strategic decision that strengthens the Sassuolo-based group’s presence in South America, one of the world’s most important markets .

Ancora Group is opening a branch in Brazil, its second foreign branch after the one in Spain. The Sassuolo-based group, a leading manufacturer of plant and systems for polishing ceramic materials, has chosen to invest in human and economic resources by opening a new branch in one of the most important markets in the sector.  “South America remains a key market for Ancora,” explains the group’s managing director Fabio Corradini. “It is an area that in spite of the crisis we still consider to be expanding and which is even showing signs of recovery, as evidenced by the results of Revestir 2009 in March. Brazilian ceramic companies are showing great interest in new technologies, for which Italy continues to be the key supplier.” The new Ancora Group branch, located in Vinhedo, in the State of São Paulo, will be operational from the end of May onwards and will have the main function of offering after-sales technical support. Three Italian technicians will work at the branch and will have at their disposal machinery and tools for regenerating worn plant components. The branch will be able to provide a rapid response to customers’ requirements, drastically cutting support times and costs and covering an enormous area that besides Brazil also includes Argentina, Venezuela, Chile and Ecuador. “The choice of opening a branch in Brazil is advantageous from a commercial standpoint,” continues Corradini, “and enables us to further strengthen our presence in South America by offering a local after-sales technical support service.” Partly due to this latest initiative, plants have recently been sold to the ceramic companies Battistella in Limiera, Villagres in Santa Gertrudes and Delta Ceramica in Rio Claro.    

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