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The economic crisis is beginning to slacken, as confirmed by the signs of growth reported by a number of manufacturing companies. One such company is the Sassuolo-based Ancora Group, whose balance sheet indicates a growth in turnover in 2010 to 43 million euro (+19%). This follows on from the already good result of 36 million euro in the difficult previous year. The company currently employs 265 people and has planned investments of more than 5 million euro over the three-year period 2009-2011. These concrete figures indicate the vitality of the Group, a well-established industrial concern in the Sassuolo manufacturing district specialising in two main areas, mechanical engineering and finishing. The mechanical engineering division designs and manufactures machinery and complete lines for finishing ceramic tiles. It operates in 40 countries worldwide and has installed more than 810 lines. The Finishing Division is the largest third party production centre in the world, specialising in polishing, lapping, cutting and grinding of ceramic tiles.
The Ancora Group is internationally renowned for its cutting-edge mechanical products and high-precision machining operations using the most advanced technologies. The Group’s products are used by leading ceramic manufacturers the world over. It has achieved growth due to the quality of its machinery as well as a robust sales strategy backed by a number of national and international patents. Ancora Group includes the Venezia Arte brand and the companies HiCoat Coating System, LeviKurve, Levitiles and Cimas and the two branches in Spain and Brazil.


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