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Ancora Group has reported successful sales in the Brazilian market, which remains a strategic area for ceramic production, especially full-body and lapped porcelain tile

Sassuolo, …. November 2012 – Brazil continues to be an important market for Ancora Group, an international leader in the field of plant and machinery for the end-of-line stage of ceramic production. The company has secured a number of major orders in the country, most recently during the exhibition Tecnargilla held in September in Rimini. Two complete lapping and squaring lines, one for 600×600 mm and the other for sizes from 300×300 mm to 1000×1000 mm, were sold to the Portobello ceramic company located in the state of Santa Caterina and will begin operating in February 2013. These orders follow on from a recent delivery of a lapping machine. In October the engineers from Ancora do Brasil started up a second score-and-snap and squaring line for the production of long listels. Portobello was also one of the first Brazilian companies to adopt Ancora’s new energy-saving dryer, immediately noting the cost reductions of up to 40% and the quality of the end result.

“Brazil has always been a very successful market for us,” commented Sales Director Enzo Morini. “Sales remain high and the presence of a local branch enables us to offer an efficient and rapid service in keeping with the quality of our products.”

In Brazil the group has also sold two squaring lines, which were recently delivered to the company Biancogres based in Vitoria in the state of Espirito Santo. The company’s Vitcer polishing centre installed an automatic platform loading system built by Ancora on an existing lapping and squaring line, also produced by Ancora, to complete the automation of the entire production process. These requirements were driven by the strong domestic demand for ceramic products, in particular for large format lapped porcelain tile.
Poligress Porcelanato, a company based in Maracajá in the state of Santa Caterina, also recently expanded its polishing lines with the addition of a lapping machine and a squaring line with score-and-snap facility for submultiples and listels.

Ancora Group is a well-established industrial group based in Sassuolo, Italy which specialises in the design and construction of plant and machinery for end-of-line processing of ceramic products. The mechanical division is the industry leader, both in Italy and internationally, with more than 800 lines sold worldwide. The finishing division, which specialises in polishing, lapping, cutting and rectification, is the largest third party production centre in the world.

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