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The Sassuolo-based Group has made further sales in the expanding markets of Brazil and Turkey

Ancora Group’s proven experience in the design and construction of plant and machinery for end-of-line processing is continuing to bring outstanding commercial results in the key markets of Brazil and Turkey.
In Brazil, the Italian group has secured orders from Portinari Group member Cecrisa and from Biancogres. The order from Cecrisa was for a scoring, snapping and squaring line with 14+14 spindles, while Biancogres, a company specialising in porcelain tile production, purchased a 20-head lapping machine. A 24-head lapping line complete with a 12+12 spindle squaring machine and a waxing plant was delivered to the Turkish firm Ege Seramik, based in Izmir.
 “We see Brazil and South America in general and Turkey and the Mediterranean area as strategic markets,” explained Ancora Group’s Vice Chairman Fabio Corradini. “They are dynamic commercial areas where our Group has a strong presence. Thanks to continued technological research, our machines offer an excellent response to the emerging demands of the market, as demonstrated by the new squaring machine that Ancora recently launched.”
Faithful to the company tradition of ruggedness and reliability, the Ancora squaring machines have been completely redesigned to assure superior belt protection and to improve ergonomics and accessibility, especially in the infeed centring area. But the most significant new development is the introduction of numerical control on all the machine’s axes of movement. In the automated versions, all the motors are brushless and the movements can be controlled from the control panel via a touch screen.

Ancora Group
Ancora Group is a well-established industrial group based in Sassuolo, Italy which specialises in the design and construction of plant and machinery for end-of-line processing of ceramic products. The mechanical division is the industry leader, both in Italy and internationally. The finishing division, which specialises in honing, lapping, cutting and rectification, is the largest third party production centre in the world.


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