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Vitra Karo Eczacibasi has renewed its longstanding trust in Ancora Group, further consolidating the Sassuolo-based company’s already strong presence in Turkey

Sassuolo, 1 april 2014 – Ancora Group has sold a complete polishing and squaring line with a motorised continuous score-and-snap machine to the Turkish company Vitra Karo Eczacibasi. This specific line is for the production of porcelain in sizes up to 600 x 1200 mm with the capability of cutting listellos up to 150 x 1200 mm.
This latest order further strengthens Vitra’s longstanding business relations with the Sassuolo-based group.

“Vitra is without question one of the most important and dynamic companies in the Turkish ceramic industry,” commented Ancora Group’s Area Manager Massimo Proietti. “We are pleased to see that Italian quality is always highly appreciated in Turkey, a fast-growing country with very strong commercial potential.”

Vitra Karo Eczacibasi is the leader in the Turkish ceramic market and also has a well-established global sales network. It is part of Eczacibasi Building Products Group, the Turkish industrial group whose operations include the production of tiles and ceramic bathroom products.

Ancora Group’s new motorised disk score-and-snap machine ensures perfect cuts even on even the toughest materials, bringing considerable advantages in terms of economy of management, flexibility and simplicity. The specially developed high-speed motorised disk tool cuts a deep groove with a specially shaped profile to assure a safe incipient fracture in the tile and avoid the risk of cracking.

The line was delivered to Vitra in January this year and started up production in February.

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