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The score and snap, squaring and low-energy drying line designed and built by Ancora Group is already in operation at the Iranian company’s facility

… June 2014 – A complete continuous score-and-snap cutting line with high efficiency and productivity and the capability to cut strips of width 150 mm, complete with a latest-generation squaring machine and a single-layer rapid dryer with low energy consumption has been started up at the facility of Persepolis Tile in Iran.

Located at Mehriz in the ceramic district near Yazd, Persepolis is one of the largest and most technologically advanced ceramic producers in the country and has a manufacturing capacity of 12 million square metres of tile a year. To boost production, Persapolis enlisted the experience of Ancora Group, which thus further strengthens its presence in Iran. “In spite of its complexities, Iran is a very attractive market for our industry and one where our own efforts are already paying off,” commented the Sassuolo-based company’s Area Manager Massimo Proietti.
The extremely high-productivity squaring and chamfering line is designed to work with sizes from 600×1200 mm to 150×1200 mm and maintains Ancora Group’s tradition of ruggedness and reliability. Ancora’s rapid horizontal dryer uses a special low-energy and high-efficiency burner to dry residual moisture after squaring single-fired tiles. It is an eco-friendly machine that delivers up to 40% energy savings compared to a conventional dryer, resulting in considerable economic and environmental benefits.

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