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The Sassuolo-based Group, a leading manufacturer of end-of-line machinery for ceramic tiles, is participating in the supply contract for Euro-Ceramics’ new porcelain tile production plant in Pechory

Ancora Group has won a major contract to supply equipment for the Euro-Ceramics facility in Pechory as part of a programme to start up production of polished full-body porcelain tile.
The company, one of Russia’s leading ceramic tile producers, has commissioned Ancora to supply a complete polishing line consisting of a roughing machine, two polishing machines, a score-and-snap machine, two squaring and chamfering units and a dryer. The installed line is able to produce sizes up to 600×1200 mm and can create a variety of submultiples, including listels. The investment will enable the Russian ceramic company to take the important step of converting to porcelain tile production in response to growing demand from its domestic market.

“Russia has shown good tenacity, even during the most difficult times for the international economy,” commented Ancora Group’s Vice Chairman Fabio Corradini. “Our Group has continued to achieve good results in the Russian and Eastern European markets, as this order goes to show. Mosbuild will be an important appointment for the sector.”

Ancora Group of Sassuolo is an international leader in the design and construction of plant and machinery for end-of-line processing of ceramic products. It is also the largest third party production centre in the world for polishing, lapping, cutting and grinding of ceramic tiles.


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