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The Sassuolo-based Group, a leading manufacturer of end-of-line machinery for ceramic tiles, has reported strong results in the Russian market

11 January 2012 – Ancora Group has supplied Russian porcelain tile manufacturer Samarskoe Keramiki with a squaring line as part of a programme to expand and modernise the company’s current machinery. This major order further strengthens Ancora’s longstanding business ties with the ceramic manufacturer, a member of the Estima Group located in Russia’s central-eastern region of Samara. This is one of the most industrialised areas in the country and a region where the Italian group has supplied equipment in the past.

When Samarskoe Keramiki joined Estima (Noginsk, Moscow) in 2010, the group became the largest ceramic granite manufacturer in Russia with a total production capacity of 14 million square metres of tiles a year. Estima was recently chosen as a supplier to the Moscow federal home refurbishment programme, in view of which the group implemented a programme of modernising its manufacturing facilities at Noginsk and in the Samara region.

 “On the whole, the Russian market has shown good tenacity in recent years, even during the most difficult times for the international economy,” commented Ancora Group’s Vice Chairman Fabio Corradini. “Our Group has continued to achieve good results in this region, as this order goes to show.”

To meet the need for higher porcelain tile output, Samarskoe Keramiki commissioned Ancora Group to supply a latest-generation squaring line which would be capable of producing sizes up to 600×600 mm, thereby modernising and expanding the lines already present in the factory.

Ancora Group is a well-established industrial group based in Sassuolo, Italy which specialises in the design and construction of plant and machinery for end-of-line processing of ceramic products. The mechanical division is the industry leader, both in Italy and internationally. The finishing division, which specialises in honing, lapping, cutting and rectification, is the largest third-party production centre in the world.


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