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The leading Sassuolo-based manufacturer of end-of-line machinery has strengthened its position in Eastern Europe.

15 May 2012 – Ancora Group recently strengthened its presence in the Polish market with three major orders: a complete polishing and squaring line with a score-and-snap function; a score-and-snap system with squaring machine; and a lapping and squaring line complete with HiCoat treatment.

An agreement was recently signed with Ceramica Paradyz to supply its Tomaszow 1 facility, located 140 km from Warsaw, with a complete polishing line with continuous score-and-snap facility and a squaring machine for sizes from 300 x 300 mm to 600 x 1200 mm. The same company has also purchased a fixed scoring line with a continuous snap function and a squaring machine, again for sizes from 300 x 300 mm to 600 x 1200 mm. The agreement further consolidates the Sassuolo-based group’s cooperation with one of the largest industrial groups in the Polish ceramic sector with more than 1700 employees and an annual output of 30 million square metres.

Also in Poland, Ancora Group has received an order for a lapping, squaring and chamfering line complete with protective HiCoat treatment for sizes from 300 x 300 mm to 600 x 1200 mm from Ceramica Stargres, a company specialising in the production of porcelain floor and wall tiles located in Konskie. The HiCoat in-line treatment patented by Ancora Group and Nanoquadrat uses nanotechnology to provide polished and lapped ceramic materials with deep and lasting protection against any kind of staining.
Ancora Group’s squaring machines, included in both Polish orders, have been completely redesigned for improved belt protection and superior ergonomics, accessibility and maintenance. “Ruggedness and reliability of our products are part of our company’s mission,” declared Ancora’s sales manager Enzo Morini. “The decision to focus on quality and on research and development has enabled us to grow and consolidate our presence in various international markets in spite of the difficult state of the world economy.”
Sassuolo-based Ancora Group is an international leader in the design and construction of plant and machinery for end-of-line processing of ceramic products. It is also the largest third party production centre in the world for polishing, lapping, cutting and grinding of ceramic tiles.

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