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New fast horizontal dryer model EA2280 for squared monoporosa and double-fired tiles

The Ancora Group is presenting its new model EA2280 fast horizontal dryer. The dryer uses an efficient system for optimally and rapidly transferring the quantity of heat required for the type of process and sending it directly to the product.
The innovative system, which does not require foundation work for installation, achieves up to 40% lower energy consumption and allows the ceramic material to be dried perfectly in very short times (just 6 minutes). This drastically reduces the time required to complete the production cycle. The horizontal structure based on symmetric modules also ensures reduced maintenance and quick and simple installation.
The heart of the system is the radiant tube (or combustion chamber) patented by the Ancora Group, which heats uniformly without creating unnecessary losses inside the chamber. It is a self-recuperating system with mixed operation (radiant plus convective), with adjustable impact.
The combination of effects (preheating of combustion air, directionality of heat and radiant effect of the combustion tube) makes the firing cycle extremely fast and effective.
The combustion tube preheats extremely rapidly to a temperature of around 450°C. The heat can be directed with a high degree of precision onto the ceramic product. It is also possible to modulate the jet in accordance with the surface quality of the material being dried and its tone and colour intensity characteristics, taking greater care with paler colours.
The screening of the combustion tube by means of a shaped steel plate also enhances the effect of heat reflection onto the ceramic material.

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