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Sizes from 1200mm to 1800mm

For the specific processing of large format slabs up to 2100 mm, a rougher is available with one radial head with up to 20 spindles driven by individual motors. Roughing can be produced in combination with fixed rollers heads.

Roughing head


Maximum rigidity and even rotation
Total weight of the carousel: 2200 kg
Carousel speed: 38 min at 50 Hz/m max 15/60 rpm
Speed with tool contact: min/max 10/45 m/s

The adjustable work pressure ensures that the front and rear edges of the slab are held firmly in contact with the conveyor belt during processing, so as to obtain the best results even with flexible materials that tend to bend under the pressure of the tools.

Perfect flatness


The heads are raised by 4 brushless motors that operate in sync to avoid any misalignment due to mechanical backlash of the transmission system.

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