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Business is booming for Ancora Group in Brazil, with orders secured for a second squaring line with automatic loading system from Novagres and for a total of 393 Vulcan B5 burners from ceramic producers Ceusa and Sergipe
28 January 2014 – The Brazilian ceramic company Novagres (now Massima Revestimentos Ceramicos) has installed a second squaring line, while Ceusa and Sergipe have chosen Vulcan B5 energy-saving burners designed and built by Sassuolo-based Ancora Group. The new squaring line, already delivered to the Novagres manufacturing facility in Urussanga, is of the double belt type complete with automatic loading based on a pallet system and tipping device for sizes from 200 mm to 1200×1200 mm. The squaring machine has motorised adjustment with stepper operation controlled from the push-button panel and automatic retraction system.
The movement of each individual spindle can be controlled a tenth of a millimetre at a time from the touch screen control panel. When the tool has worn completely, the spindle disengages automatically and moves to the zero position for ease of replacement.
The squaring line’s automatic control system also interfaces with the dimensional control system. Depending on the perpendicularity error of the sides measured by the control unit, the system automatically corrects the alignment of the positioning devices at the entrance to the second stage machine so as to keep the error constantly within the tolerance range.
The line includes the new dimensional control unit, which is part of the new series of controls (calibre and flatness) produced internally by Ancora.
With this order Novagres has confirmed its trust in the Sassuolo-based company, which is well established in Brazil thanks to the presence of the Ancora do Brasil branch based in Bairro. Some of the most important orders secured recently in the region include 228 Vulcan B5 energy-saving burners to Ceusa of Urussanga and 165 burners of the same kind to Ceramica Sergipe Escurial, located in the Socorro industrial area.
Along with its low energy consumption, the Ancora Vulcan B5 also stands out for its innovation and efficiency, its flexibility of use and ease of maintenance, characteristics that make it unique amongst the current generation of burners available in the ceramic industry.
“Our business continues to boom in Brazil, where we have sold a wide range of products for the end-of-line stage and other segments,” commented sales manager Enzo Morini. “Thanks to our local branch we are able to respond more rapidly to our customers’ requests and offer a high-quality after-sales service.”
Once again this year Ancora Group will be taking part in Expo Revestir, to be held in São Paulo from 11 to 14 March 2014.

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