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The Russian company has chosen the innovation and reliability of the Sassuolo-based group’s machinery for its new facility near Moscow
2 december 2013 – Ancora Group has sold two complete polishing/lappato lines with a score-and-snapping machines plus squaring chamfering, along with an independent score-and-snap plus squaring line for large sizes (1200 x 1200 mm) to the russian company CF Systems Free Lite. This firm has a strong commercial organization based on years of operation in the ceramic sector and is currently building a new factory in the Kaluga region near Moscow. The line designed and built by the Sassuolo-based group will be installed in the new factory, a modern, cutting-edge facility considered an industry benchmark in terms of its equipment and technology and due to begin production in spring-summer 2014.
The machinery includes an innovative continuous motorized disk score-and-snap line with idle scoring wheels for particularly tough materials, along with high-capacity polishing lines, large-format lappato line and latest-generation squaring lines.
As CF Systems Free Lite aims to serve both the domestic market and the more challenging international market, it needs efficient and reliable hi-tech machinery capable of producing high-end ceramic products. For this reason, it has chosen Ancora Group’s quality, reliability and expertise for the finishing department of its new facility.
“The complex international economic situation has further accentuated the divide in the ceramic industry, and consequently in the ceramic machinery industry, between companies that focus on high product quality and those that base their commercial policies on low-cost products,” commented Franco Ponsone, a partner at Ancora Group. “Our group has maintained its international leadership in terms of innovation and quality.”

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