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Sizes from 300mm to 1650mm
Up to 7 fixed engraving heads
Up to 14 powered heads


Machine used to make one or more incipient fractures on a glazed porcelain stoneware tile without being stopped, thus optimizing the output of the line.


The tools can be used to engrave only the superficial section of the tile or to make a full cut. In the first case, the aim is to prepare the product for subsequent engraving and splitting by removingthe structure or the surface enamel coating that often features internal tensions that would make it difficult to obtain a controlled incipient fracture. Subsequently, a set of cushioned engraving heads, placed in line with the cutting tools can make the incipient fracture by means of idle diamond abrasive rollers.

Centring device

At the inlet of the machine the tile is centered on the conveyor belt that carries it, and is held in place by a centring device equipped with side wheels. The tile then passes under one or more bridges that bear the cutting unit; they have adjustable height and are equipped with powered disc tools.

Cutting heads

Powered cutting heads with multi-angle electric spindles with bevel gear and fixture for cutting discs. At the base of each cutting head is mounted a bar with press rolls that hold down the material during machining, absorbing the stresses transmitted by the tool.

Engraving heads

Cushioned engraving heads with quick tool replacement. The idle heads can carry two different types of engravers, one with larger diameter for smooth materials and  another with smaller diameter for efficient engraving even of uneven surfaces.

High versatility

The machine is extremely flexible, and can operate in three different modes:

Cutting, operation during which the disc cutting tools are cutting through the entire depth and complete the entire process.

Pre-cut + Engraving: the tools equipped with discs make partial cuts on the bottom; subsequently, incipient fractures are made on these cuts by means of engraving heads.

Engraving: is carried out only by means of engraving heads so as to make incipient fractures directly onto the original surface of the material.


Motorized devices for the adjustment of the vertical position of the heads by means of asynchronous motors without inverter, but with encoder, homing position, with external ammeters that show the current consumption, and adjustment via the operator panel, through the totem installed on the machine.

Addition of a disc cutting head, without inverter, for speed control: maximum motor power 7.5kW.

Addition of an idle engraving head with pneumatically-actuated up/down movement control.

Addition of an idle engraving head with electrically-actuated up/down movement control.

Addition of disc cutting head holder bridge.

Machine conversion from wet to dry, assembly of inverters on cutting discs and control of suction enabling, maximum disc motor power 4kW.

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