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Sizes from 200mm to 3300mm
Up to 3 longitudinal cutting heads
Up to 4 cross-cutting heads

Machine for cutting large unfired slabs, featuring a cross lane and a longitudinal lane, a disc cutting unit to make cuts on ceramic slabs in both directions, in positions programmable via a touch-screen control panel. Longitudinal cuts made while moving, crosscuts made at a standstill.

Sturdy structure made of welded steel profiles with built-in bearing cross-beam for longitudinal cuts. Conveyor unit controlled by inverter for the adjustment of belt infeed speed.

Disc cutting spindles, driven by 2-pole three-phase motors of 3.2kW connected to dust extraction pipes. Connections to dust extraction system on all the cutting units and the return branch of the conveyor belt.

Cutting unit, consisting of a carriage installed on ball circulation slides that move crosswise in relation to the cutting direction. The crosswise positioning of the carriages isĀ  ensured by gear motors with encoder. Maximum precision in determining the cutting depth.

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