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Dry Squaring Speed

Spindle power: 4 kW.
High cutting speed.
Cooling system and cleaning of tools.

Dry Squaring Traditional

Power: 5.5 kW
Spindle rotation speed: 2800 rpm.


Addition of bottom chamfer, direct drive without inverter, 1.5kW motor.

Replacement of upper chamfer with 2017 year model.

Addition of ammeter display with 18.5” screen industrial system to be installed on the machine.

PLC and Siemens HMI Terminal. Replacement of slide slabs with higher resistance material.

Replacement of machine control keyboard with the new model.

Replacement of trims complete with keyboard, serial adapter cable, development of software for HMI terminal change.

Spindle infeed motor with control panel. Display of dimensional control data by remote control on the second squaring phase panel.

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