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30 November 2012 – Once again this year Ancora Group will be taking part in Expo Revestir, the major Brazilian trade fair aimed at a high-quality target audience of designers, architects, contract sector professionals, buyers and building professionals. Scheduled to be held in the Transamerica Expo Center in São Paulo from 5 to 8 March 2013, the exhibition is a key event for Ancora given the Group’s strong presence in the South American market. Ancora intends to use the show as a platform to launch its most important new products, in particular the new ANCORA VULCAN B5 burner which excels for its low energy consumption, efficiency, flexibility of use and ease of maintenance.

The characteristic that sets the B5 apart from conventional two-electrode burners is the distance of the mixing head from the central body, which has been increased to enable the flame to be produced in a more forward position inside the combustion cone. The burner allows thermal energy to penetrate more deeply inside the firing channel, especially in wide-entrance kilns with fast firing cycles, thereby optimising temperatures in the transversal section.
The construction geometry of the B5 burner results in less heating of the combustion cone, so the thermal energy that is normally lost by conduction is introduced directly into the firing chamber, thus improving energy performance. With the installation of ANCORA VULCAN B5, fuel savings of between 8% and 16% can be achieved.

The innovative combustor cooling system used on this machine also brings energy savings compared to the conventional design. Another aspect that contributes to the versatility of the B5 burner is the improved ventilation of the head, making it ideal for latest-generation kilns. Air-gas mixing additionally ensures optimum combustion, further improving the firing process.

Another innovative feature is the mixing unit, which unlike the conventional one-piece solution is composed of three independent elements. This gives the system greater flexibility in terms of both functionality and maintenance. Thanks to these innovative design and construction features, ANCORA VULCAN B5 is economical and flexible to operate.

Ancora Group is at Expo Revestir – Stand 930

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