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High speed spindles

Squaring, today also for stoneware tiles, provides great advantages:

Longer machine life
Considerably reduced maintenance costs
Elimination of sludge settling tanks (major economic and environmental benefits).

Thanks to the use of innovative, high speed spindles stoneware can be processed with high efficiency and speed even dry.

High cutting speed.
Product speed of feed: 30m/min. (60×60).
With the exclusive air cooling system combined with tool blowing (patented).
Each individual spindle is regulated by a specific inverter which allows the desired rotation speed.

High speed spindles

The Ancora dry squaring line for stoneware tiles uses innovative high rotation speed spindles equipped with a patented cooling system: fundamental to make the spindle keep a working temperature below 50°.

Motorised tool feed

Motorised adjustment spindle with stepper progress of 1/10 of mm.
Controlled from a push-button control panel with an automatic retraction system and pneumatic locking.
The operator manages all spindles from a single point.

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