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Maximum efficiency, productivity and quality in finishing operations for extra-large ceramic tiles – Sassuolo, 18 November 2015 – Innovation and quality are the key features of all ceramic end-of-line technology from Siti B&T Group member company Ancora, and the machines available in extra-large XXL versions are no exception. The Sassuolo-based company has already installed numerous complete plants for large size tiles at the facilities of its major customers, both in Italy and abroad. Installations in the domestic market include Stratos of Fiorano and most recently Polis Ceramiche in Bondeno di Gonzaga (Mantua). The innovative technology for extra large sizes includes the brand-new Green Cut machine for cutting unfired tiles, the Deepmotor Cut score-and-snap cutting machine, the Polishing machine, the Dry Squaring Speed machine and the Hi Coat final protective treatment.

XXL Green Cut is a brand new machine for cutting unfired ceramic tiles that combines energy savings and reduced costs with maximum production efficiency. It offers numerous advantages over solutions that involve cutting fired products, including ease of product storage.
XXL Green Cut stands out in particular for the arrangement of the disk cutting units, which are mounted in two rows, one transversal and the other longitudinal. This solution allows ceramic panels to be cut in two directions and in positions that can be programmed from the touch-screen control unit.

The large-format line from Ancora also includes XXL Deepmotor Cut, a score-and-snap machine that can achieve more controlled and precise cutting of textured surfaces. The really innovative feature of the system is the special high-speed motorised disk which performs a preliminary cut. The machine stands out for its high degree of efficiency and versatility and the fact that it eliminates the use of water while minimising energy consumption and maintenance costs. It can work with sizes of up to 1600×3200 mm compared to the maximum size of 1200 mm that can be cut using conventional machines.
Less than one year since its market launch, the Ancora Dry Squaring speed machine is already a commercial success worldwide. It is a unique, innovative system capable of working with all kinds of ceramic tile, including porcelain, at high speed (up to 30 metres a minute) and with energy savings of 30%. It is also available for extra large sizes.

The large-format finishing line also includes the XXL Polishing machine, capable of performing various kinds of operations from simple brushing through to more complex full-field polishing. The Hi Coat protective treatment, developed using 100% nanotechnologies, guarantees precise and lasting surface protection.

Ancora is a leading manufacturer of complete plants for ceramic tile finishing and third-party processing. Its technology for polishing, honing, cutting, grinding and protective treatment of ceramic tiles is currently used on almost 1,000 lines installed in 40 countries worldwide.
In February 2015, Ancora joined SITI B&T Group along with its Spanish and Brazilian branches and the subsidiaries Cimas (industrial mechanical structures) and HiCoat Coating System (protective treatments for polished and honed porcelain).
SITI B&T Group is a manufacturer of complete plants for the world ceramic industry with a strong presence in all global markets. It delivers outstanding technological solutions and innovative services with a special focus on energy efficiency and reducing production costs. SITI B&T Group operates through the following divisions: Tile (complete plants for tile production), Ancora (finishing), Projecta Engineering and Digital Design (digital decorating machines and digital graphic design projects) and B&T White (complete plants for sanitaryware). The Group currently has a turnover of around 180 million euros and an export share of more than 80 percent.

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