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Ancora Group has secured its second major order to Iran in two months with the shipment of a complete lapping and score-and-snap line with dryer to Yazd-based firm Sanaz Tile.

Ancora Group has further strengthened its presence in Iran with the sale of a lapping, score-and-snap and squaring line complete with rapid horizontal dryer to Sanaz Tile. This large order comes just two months after the sale of another score-and-snap and squaring line to Hefez Tile and further demonstrates the Iranian market’s confidence in Ancora Group’s products.
These latest lines shipped by Ancora Group follow on from strong demand from Iran in 2012.

“The Middle East – and Iran in particular – is a market with very strong potential,” commented Area Manager Massimo Proietti. “Unfortunately, however, it is a difficult region to work with due to the complex political situation and the embargo imposed by Europe and America. Ancora Group has long been working with the country’s leading companies, especially those in the Yazd area which is considered the hub of the Iranian ceramic industry. These recent sales further strengthen our leadership position.”
Ancora has supplied Sanaz Tile with a complete lapping, score-and-snap and squaring line used for the production of red body ceramic tiles in sizes ranging from 30×30 cm to 150×1200 cm, allowing for the production of a variety of sub-sizes. The shipment also included a model EA2280 rapid horizontal dryer with energy saving designed for fast, optimised transfer of the quantity of heat required for the specific process while cutting consumptions by up to 40%.
Ancora Group is an international leader in the field of plant and machinery for the end-of-line stage of ceramic production, offering an unrivalled range of solutions for polishing and lapping ceramic tiles of all sizes up to 1600 x 3000 mm. The group’s mechanical division is the industry leader, both in Italy and internationally. The finishing division, which specialises in polishing, lapping, cutting and rectification, is the largest third party production centre in the world.

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