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LUXURY is a technology that creates a chemical-physical reaction made by pressure and temperature where the product penetrates into the porosity of the glaze and guaranty the high-glossy and protection.



Ancora has developed a new technology at the service of aesthetics. The Sassuolo-based company of the SITI B&T Group that deals with end-of-line solutions, thanks to continuous Research & Development, presents Luxury, the shiny and glossy surface treatment finishing machine.

Luxury is a technology that enhances the graphics of the tile through a surface treatment that guarantees high gloss and protection, in response to a growing market demand for new glossy collections.

This effect creates an appearance of unique depth, applicable to a great variety of sizes and thicknesses. For this purpose, Luxury has the possibility of being implemented and customized according to specific needs, in order to obtain maximum flexibility and therefore be able to work on sizes up to 1800×3600 mm and thicknesses from 6 to 25 mm.

Lapping becomes a fundamental phase in obtaining an optimal result. This phase of surface abrasion processing on glazed products and porcelain stoneware allows for a facilitated very high- glossy finish.

Following lapping, Luxury works through two process phases: one for finishing and one for treatment.

This technology has systems, through a combination of machine tool and product, which allow the slab to be brought to a degree of finish up to 110 gloss. Luxury is therefore based on a mechanical-physical process created between the tool, the slab and the applied product, the result of which allows super gloss to be obtained.

This effect, in addition to giving the tile a high degree of gloss, creates an appearance of greater reflection and depth thanks to the considerable reduction in roughness, elevating the digital graphics of the slab and further enhancing it.

After this first phase aimed purely at aesthetics, Luxury then works on the morphology of the surface, giving the finished product technical features: by filling the pores typical of the material, in fact, Luxury makes the surface resistant to abrasion and acid stains.

Large slabs are increasingly used as furnishing accessories, such as kitchen tops and tables, and in this specific case the demands on the level of gloss are much wider, up to a matt finish.

In addition to guaranteeing great flexibility on sizes, if previously prepared, Luxury can also create different processes, up to a matt effect, using a degree of finish from 20 to 30 gloss instead of 110 for glossy.

Photo showing that the great reduction in roughness increases the aesthetics and depth of the graphics

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