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Ancora Group has secured a major order from Ceramica Grespania through its branch Ancora Iberia

Ancora Group has secured a major order from Ceramica Grespania (Castellón) via its Spanish branch. The new customer has chosen the Sassuolo-based group’s products for the expansion of its end-of-line section, including four WOW dryers and a swinging 20-head lapping machine.
“In spite of the severe world crisis that has hit our sector, we have chosen to invest in Ancora Iberia led by highly experienced general manager Alejandro Herrador in order to provide direct support to Spanish customers,” commented Ancora Group’s managing director Fabio Corradini. “This investment has proved crucial for acquiring new customers, as demonstrated by this major supply contract with Ceramica Grespania. This order is a positive signal that the sector is recovering from the crisis that has severely impacted world growth.”
The supply contract with Ceramica Grespania involves installing a swinging 20-head lapping machine which will be operational by June and will have the function of lapping glazed porcelain tile in sizes from 300 to 600 mm. The machine is also equipped with an Ancora Tutor remote supervision and support system while the swinging movement is managed by means of axis control and brushless motors.
Four WOW dryers for sizes from 300×300 mm to 1200×1200 mm have also been in operation since March. Using a patented Ancora S.p.A. system, they dry the upper and lower faces of the tile by removing most of the water through suction, after which hot air is blown over the tile to eliminate residual moisture.

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