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Sizes from 100mm to 3350mm
Types: with 8, 10, 12 spindles

Front Edge alignment system

Reduced size for easy access.
Twin brushless drive for extra performance high-dynamics (30×60 format = 60 pcs./min).
Automatic perpendicularity adjustment according to input from dimensional control.

Easy Change system double driving of the belts

Master Slave independent drives.
Maximum belt changing ease, quick replacement of the sliding surfaces and belt guide strips.
Time reduced by 75% compared to the competition.

Adjustable inclination

Upper chamfer

A couple of units for chamfering the top edges of the tile, which use a small-diameter diamond abrasive disc. The processing units are mounted on spring brackets oscillating around at an angle of 45°. The processing position of the tool is adjusted by means of a pneumatic cylinder with end stop screw.

Lower chamfer

Where provided, the machine is equipped with a pair of bottom edge chamfering units that use the same type of discs and are driven by bevel gear.

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