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Ancora supplies new eco-friendly complete line for finishing XXL panels to Ceramica Stratos of Fiorano – Sassuolo, 13 July 2015 – Ceramica Stratos is a young, dynamic and fast-growing company that specialises in both traditional products and large-format panels. Its high-level products cater for a wide range of interior design needs while maintaining a strong focus on quality.
Ancora, a company belonging to SITI B&T Group, recently supplied Stratos with a complete finishing line for large-format tiles including innovative score-and-snap technology, an XXL Polishing machine, an XXL Wet Squaring machine and Hi Coat final protective treatment.
The new XXL Deepmotor Cut line, which is equipped with both motorised discs and idle heads, is capable of cutting products with textured surfaces. Developed as an alternative to the classic diamond wheel cutting tool, the high-speed motorised disc performs a preliminary incision up to 2 mm in depth to ensure a more controlled and precise break.

“With this patented, innovative technology we have succeeded in bringing the flexibility and precision of score-and-snap cutting to extra-large sizes,” commented Ancora’s CEO Franco Ponsone. “Once again we have proved that we are innovators.”

This innovative score-and-snap system brings considerable advantages. It can work with sizes of up to 1600×3200 mm compared to the maximum size of 1200 mm that can be cut with conventional machines. It is highly eco-friendly as eliminating disk cutting allows for complete water savings and minimises energy consumption and maintenance costs. It also stands out for its high speed and efficiency of production, combining product quality with cost optimisation.

The line also includes the Ancora polishing machine, which is capable of performing various types of finish, from a simple brushed effect through to the more complex “full field” gloss finish, and the Hi Coat protective treatment from German company N-Tec, developed entirely with nanotechnologies to ensure precise and lasting protection.

The innovation and quality of Ancora technologies will enable Ceramica Stratos to improve its finished product quality, a factor that is particularly important for such complex products as large size tiles and panels.

Ancora is a leading manufacturer of complete plants for ceramic tile finishing and third-party processing. Its technology for polishing, honing, cutting, grinding and protective treatment of ceramic tiles is currently used on almost 1,000 installed lines in 40 countries worldwide.
In February 2015, Ancora joined SITI B&T Group with its Spanish and Brazilian branches and the subsidiaries Cimas (industrial mechanical structures) and HiCoat Coating System (protective treatments for polished and honed porcelain).
SITI B&T Group is a manufacturer of complete plants for the world ceramic industry with an extensive presence in all global markets. It delivers outstanding technological solutions and innovative services with a special focus on energy efficiency and reducing production costs.
SITI B&T Group operates through the following divisions: Tile (complete plants for tile production), Ancora (finishing), Projecta Engineering and Digital Design (digital decorating machines and digital graphic design projects) and B&T White (complete plants for sanitaryware). The Group currently has a turnover of around 180 million euros and an export share of more than 80 percent.

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