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Two years of research and development into technology and application have led to an innovative high-resolution cold treatment and decoration system for extra-white glass.
As a part of its efforts to enter the interior coverings market with original decorative proposals for contemporary architecture, the Ancora-Levitiles Group is presenting the new Venezia Arte brand name created specially for Italian and world sales of the new decorated glass tiles manufactured under the Levitiles patent. The Venezia Arte brand name pays tribute to the city of Venice, the world capital of glass art, while emphasising the unique creativity for which Italian products are renowned. It uses a new and extremely high resolution ( 1200×1200 dpi ) cold decoration system based on an exclusive inkjet printing system that produces outstanding colour and decorative effects and a finished product with excellent technical and performance characteristic. Building on its constant search for innovation and industrial experimentation and its consolidated manufacturing experience, and encouraged by an in-depth market analysis which has revealed industry professionals’ requirements for ever new materials, the Ancora-Levitiles Group has developed the technologies and application systems required to produce truly unique materials. 
“The greatest difficulty,” explains Levitiles’ managing director Vittorio Valeriani, “was to develop a system that would achieve maximum insulation of the decorated tile so as to permit application on floors and walls with normal installation adhesives while assuring long-term durability.  A special colour bonding system has also been developed to assure perfect definition of the image printed on the glass”. 
The addition of precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum creates original metallic effects that, together with the transparency of the glass, give the installed tiles and appealing opalescent look in both the smooth and textures versions. The development of this original idea into an industrial-scale production process brings the market new proposals and new decorative solutions in the three collections Metalli, Pietre Peziose and Rilievi. Furthermore, the innovative Levitiles technology makes it possible to develop personalised panels based on an image or graphic design.

Ancora Group
Ancora Group is a well-established industrial group with two main divisions, Mechanical and Finishing. The Mechanical Division designs and manufactures machinery and complete lines for finishing ceramic tiles, while the Finishing Division is the largest third-party production centre in the world, specialising in the end-of-line operations of polishing, lapping, cutting and rectifying ceramic tiles. The two divisions together represent an outstanding example of synergy for the world ceramic industry. The Group’s factories carry out research and development tailored to individual projects and deliver finished, ready-to-use products.LevitilesLocated in Castellarano ( RE),

Levitiles is the Ancora Group member company that specialises in polishing, lapping, cutting and grinding of ceramic tiles. Levitiles is the largest third-party production centre in the world with an approximately 40% share of the Italian market. Productivity is guaranteed by 16 complete processing lines and 4 Hi Coat Coating System lines. Levitiles serves more than 50 Italian producers with some 9 million square meters of processed material per year. 

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