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Venezia Arte is presenting the new Creativity and Make Up series, unique customised pieces that lend shape and colour to imagination

The new glass tile lines from Venezia Arte offer a journey into the world of colour and creativity. Vivid, exciting colours enhance the beauty of glass and provide new and original solutions for the world of interior design.
Creativity and Make Up, the new lines from Venezia Arte, offer highly customised solutions for interior surface coverings with potential for creating totally unique pieces.
Creativity is a glass tile line that uses a patented production process based on high-resolution UV printing to transfer a photographic quality image directly onto the glass.
Expert professionals help customers choose images and define their projects, enabling them to bring their ideas into sharp focus and achieve results that fully satisfy their desires. The Creativity series is available in smooth glass in sizes from 12×12 cm to 60×100 cm and with a textured surface from a 2.5×2.5 cm mosaic up to a large 60×60 cm size. The glass can be shaped by waterjet cutting to further customise the end result.
The purity of glass is enhanced by the appeal of colour and light. The Make Up series further broadens the creative scope of Venezia Arte glass tiles, offering an unlimited tonal range with plain or pearlescent fields of colour. Make Up is available with two surface finishes, one perfectly smooth and neutral and the other skilfully textured to enhance the sheen effect.
The sizes of the Make Up series can likewise be customised: the smooth version is available in sizes ranging from 12×12 cm through to a maximum of 60×100 cm and the textured finish version in sizes from a 2.5×2.5 cm mosaic up to 60×60 cm sheets.
Here too, special shapes can be created by waterjet cutting.

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