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The international market has responded very positively to the innovative HiCoat Coating System, the in-line protection treatment for polished and lapped porcelain tile and natural stone based on the use of nanotechnologies and patented and produced by Ancora Group in cooperation with the German chemicals firm Nanoquadrat.
To meet the varied needs of the market, Ancora Group now offers two different types of in-line treatment: HiCoat and BaseCoat, made from water-based products and developed 100% using nanotechnologies.
The Sassuolo-based group has thus expanded its range of processes and products for end-of-line treatment, offering customers greater freedom to choose different application.

The treatments

Correct application of the component is essential for high product performance and can be performed by the HiCoat Machine using a volumetric metering device or in-line using a dedicated roller.
HiCoat Product
This is a deep treatment for polished and lapped porcelain tile and natural stone that assures lasting protection. A volumetric metering system installed on the HiCoat Machine performs “cold” distribution of the product (single component) over the entire treatment surface.
HiCoat Product is a chemical compound that uses nanotechnologies to penetrate deep inside the micropores in the surface of tiles in order to seal them permanently and assure long-term protection against staining agents. The HiCoat Machine and HiCoat Product together make up the innovative tile treatment system.
A brush with alternating movement exerts a high pressure, ensuring further distribution and penetration of HiCoat Product inside the micropores.
To complete the process, the tile passes underneath two aluminium satellite heads equipped with brushes. The first rotates at low speed to make the compound penetrate uniformly, while the second rotates at a higher speed to remove excess and leave the surface clean. When the chemical reaction is complete, HiCoat Product is fully solidified and an integral part of the treated tile.

Surfaces treated with HiCoat Machine do not absorb staining substances, which can therefore easily be removed. HiCoat product fills the pores and cross-links with the material to generate glass-like properties. This means that dirt is unable to penetrate inside the pores and is consequently easy to remove. The resultant chemical compound penetrates deep inside the micropores in the tile surface, becoming an integral part of the tiles and thereby sealing them permanently.

Base Coat Product
Base Coat is Ancora Group’s new in-line protective surface treatment for porcelain tile and natural stone. It is an innovative, simple and effective system that guarantees treated materials for around a year. It is applied in-line by means of a dedicated sponge or fabric roller that distributes the product uniformly over the entire surface of the tile. Excess is removed by means of a brush with bristles installed on the existing treatment line.
Application of Base Coat creates a water and oil-resistant barrier on the surface of the material that protects it from the most common water and oil based staining agents and makes it easy to clean without increasing its gloss level.

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