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Sizes from 200mm to 1700mm
With 2 to 6 satellite heads

Machines for the application of the protective treatment on polished or lapped ceramic material.

Independent mode

Every single head works independently:

Swinging speed.
Automatic head pressure based on the wear of the tools.
Rotation speed of the tool-holder heads.

If these parameters are set correctly, they can meet any manufacturing requirement.

Swinging heads

The product is distributed on the tiles by the swinging planet wheel heads each with 10 tools.

Head rotation speed from 7 to 116 RPM.
Tools rotation speed from 70 to 1100 RPM.

Modular system

2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or more brushing units with independent swing on a single conveyor to cover all production needs and the most diverse product types.

Swinging planet wheel brush units

For slabs up to 1600 mm wide, with reinforced mechanical structure to support the high work pressures required by modern distribution techniques of finishing products.

Product distribution system

Dedicated peristaltic pumps.

Suction system

Excess chemical is removed by the heads, thereby generating microdust. This is eliminated with a suction system that can be connected to the factory’s general system.

La macchina universale

Thanks to the product dispensing system with dedicated.

Peristaltic pumps.
Totally independent heads.
Machine modules with variable number of heads.

The HiCoat Coating Machine adapts to any market need.


Machine output tile surface temperature probe, Local View.

Complete additional dropping module.

PLC and Siemens HMI terminal.

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