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UAE-based company Rak Ceramics has adopted two special lines designed and built by Ancora Group for polishing, cutting and squaring large-format sizes
Sassuolo, … November 2014 – Rak Ceramics, a world-leading ceramic tile manufacturer based in the United Arab Emirates, is making a major investment in the quality and reliability of machinery from Ancora Group. The order comprises a complete polishing and squaring line and a cutting and squaring line with unique characteristics, designed and built to the customer’s precise specifications for the production of large-format porcelain panels up to 1.5 x 3 metres in size (including all sub-sizes) and with thicknesses up to 2.2 cm.
Outstanding operational flexibility, high productivity and ruggedness are the key characteristics of these fully automated lines installed at the RAK facility in Ras Al Khaimah. All machines are equipped with practical touch screen controls and are sized and structured to handle the large dimensions and weights of these large-format panels.
The first 140 metre line consists of an initial section for preliminary squaring, two roughing rollers, a 20 swinging head double-beam polishing machine, a second squaring section, and a HiCoat machine for the final protective treatment. The second line is devoted to cutting and squaring and is likewise suitably sized to handle large-format panels. This line consists of two controlled-axis multidisc machines capable of cutting the panel both lengthwise and crosswise to produce a range of submultiples with a minimum width of 20 cm. The entire operation takes place automatically – all the operator has to do is insert the required dimensions. The pieces are subsequently rectified and squared to achieve the desired calibre. These lines are unique and specially designed to RAK’s specifications, enabling the company to stay ahead of the competition in the marketplace.
“The construction of these non-standard lines testifies to Ancora Group’s design and production capabilities,” commented Area Manager Massimo Proietti. “Our company can deliver the perfect solution to customers’ specific technical requirements. Once again, flexibility of use and product quality have proved to be key factors in enabling customers to optimise their investments.”

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