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Decorated crystal for interior design: Venezia Arte to take part in Expo Revestir from 9 to 12 March 2010 in São Paulo

 Venezia Arte, the new brand specially created for marketing decorated crystal produced by the company Levitiles (owned by Ancora Group of Sassuolo), will be taking part in Expo Revestir 2010 with a view to entering the architectural furnishings and interior design market. The foremost international architecture and building materials exhibition in Latin America will be held from 9 to 12 March in the Transmerica Expo Center in São Paulo. “We believe it to be of strategic importance to present Venezia Arte at this exhibition, which caters for designers in search of the most interesting new products and innovative materials for interior architecture,” explained Ancora Group’s Managing Director Fabio Corradini. “Venezia Arte certainly has the right qualities to meet the expectations of the most demanding professionals in the sector.” As a result of the Group’s unflagging research efforts, its consolidated manufacturing experience and an in-depth analysis of the sector, it has developed a truly unique material, an original decorative proposal for contemporary architecture. Venezia Arte was created specifically for a new extremely high resolution (1200×1200 dpi) cold decoration system. Using an exclusive inkjet printing system, it delivers outstanding colour and decorative effects and a finished product with unique technical characteristics and performance. The addition of precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum assures an original metallic appearance. Together with the transparency of the glass, this gives the installed material an appealing opalescent look in both the smooth and textured versions. It is also possible to create custom projects. Venezia Arte aims to offer the market new ideas and decorative solutions in the three collections Metalli, Pietre Preziose and Rilievi.

El Gruppo Ancora, con Venezia Arte, estará en Revestir: Corredor M, 169.

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