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Sizes from 300mm to 1650mm
From 8 to 24 heads


Machine for tile surface finishing.

Twin beam


The polisher with a swinging motion operated by two beams is used to control the transversal movement and speed of the heads in infeed and outfeed in an independent way in order to meet any kind of manufacturing requirement.

Swinging beam


The head support beam has been designed with the use of inite element calculation programs to improve the dynamic response of the swinging motion. In the picture the red color represents the area of greatest deflection of the beam.

Head with 6 oscillating sectors


This prevents material from building up between the tool and the tile, thereby ensuring machining is much more efficient.

Pressure and counterpressure system


During the POLISHING stage, machining requires greater force on the ceramic material. The pressure can reach 4 bar. The LAPPING stage requires less intense machining and there is a tendency to use the head unit as a counterpressure element, which exerts less weight on the tile.

Adapting new tools


When the head is restarted, the pressure and counterpressure system is automatically disabled for about a minute, which allows the new tools to adapt to the machining process.

Tool wear detecting system


On each head is mounted a position gauge to continuously control the wear of the tools.




Lubrication system can be used to periodically top up with clean lubricant. Excess grease is ejected into the designated containers. Correct maintenance on the system ensures there is no water infiltration and condensation in the heads.

Efficiency without compromise


Tile absence and/or breakage control, commanding a sequenced automatic lifting of the heads.

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